01-16-03 . 10:10 a.m.
5: the mocking blink

so..what to do with this fresh slate? this empty scale?

i miss the old one a little. though it helps me to put things into perspective this way...without it.

i was near 10,000 hits. 80+ a day. it was like writing for something. for someone. for anyone.

but now im writing for myself. THIS is good.


i feel a little jaded this morning. i slept for 12 straight hours last night. it felt incredible..to just be able to rise in the middle of the night, knowing it didnt matter how much sleep i had left, because i had already been asleep for soooo long.

im groggy, and grumpy today, though. no food in my belly. no thoughts creeping from my brain, travelling down to the tips of fingers out to the keys .. transmitting to this box.

this cursor mocks me. fuck it.


they say that when a woman is on her period she is more "randy" than usual. for the record, i would like to state "this is so"

good morning world. silences fill these spaces now. its refreshing.


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