01.17.03 . 10:19 a.m.
10: blood in body

i was told this morning that my words have been more edgy than usual. perhaps.

maybe its due to the 'move'

or the blood between my thighs

or the bold memories burning my brain

who knows what the cause is. i feel alone today. people around me swarming like fucking bees, and i feel alone. in a room filled with dozens, i am by myself.

i guess it shouldnt matter.

the cup of coffee is here to my left. i usually never drink it. dont know why i feel the need today.

i slept for seven hours last night. one hour more than usual. i still feel the same.

this is filled with negativity this morning.

i wont apologize to any of you.

i wont even say good morning.

i wont even go into detail about the pains in my stomach. the cotton shoved in me. absorbing the leak.

i wont go into detail about anything at all.


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