01.20.03 . 1:39 p.m.
15: $___.__ USD

when you get to the top of something, do you get that feeling?

i feel a bit flustered at the moment. thinking about things i probably shouldnt be thinking about. not even close to thinking about, really.

but nevertheless, i cant help myself really.

we're always searching for that one thing. that one thing that can make us light up like fire.

and maybe we've had it before..and we let it go. we let it die.

we let it boil down to a spark.

but what if we get an oppurtunity? a rare one? to undo some things..and maybe to create a new and better situation.

what if we get a chance to at least make some things right?

not the whole thing entirely...just parts of what once went so wrong.

no one ever said we deserved the world.

and i never expected it.

but it sure would be nice if this world were a little smaller and it wasnt so much to expect.


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