01.21.03 . 11:17 a.m.
18: barely

i missed it when i woke up this morning. the alarm rang at 5 a.m but i shut it off and slept until 6.

its hard to explain: the way my body feels today.

its hard to imagine: the complex nature of your smile.

its hard to contain: this tender emotion, this raw sense of esteem.

i suppose no one will understand me and i expect it to remain that way. i speak in a style that went out last year.

("i understand your poetry is a language everyone thought had died")

there is something so serene in this disguise.

(biting my tongue...no more)

im just pumping out words. the wildest thought i have is nothing but a mess of 'stuff' that even i cant decipher the context of.

you have a tenderness about you, though. i wish you could understand. more like i thought you would.

but youd have to notice me standing around before you could even begin to understand.


[music: i only taste the same when i kiss away your tears]

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