01.21.03 . 10:17 a.m.
17: heart cooks brain

today, i dont care what anyone has to say. my ears are closed to the world around me. im sick of them being raped by the words of everyone who is no one.

dramatic? posssibly.

but why should i worry about it.

it doesnt matter.

it never does and it never will.

i am feeling annoyed with every tiny thing.

i drove to work this morning looking at the way the sky turned pink in front of me...with the sun above steeples and above rooftops and trees. and this was beautiful to me.

but i regret to inform that it doesnt matter to me anymore.

not today at least. tomorrow might be different. tomorrow might be a new life.

all-in-all...today, i dont fucking care.


[music: my hearts the burger and my brains the charcoal]

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