01.22.03 . 2:57 p.m.
27: cant win for losing

me, being the absolute twat that i am, decided 'ok..im going to actually WORK this morning!' and i did. only, since ive finished my lunch, taken my lunch break, and gotten settled back in, i now have to get MORE work to do.

i mean...honestly...i could work really hard, get work done, and then not ask for more work..but that would require five INTENSE hours of not-working-boredom. dont think so.

or...i could request more work, which means id actually have to DO it instead of just staring at it blankly. which all together sucks ass as well.

OR...i could do what i usually do..and thats simply take my time on the original work they give me in the morning, and prolong that as much as possible. by that time, its 4 o'clock, and nothing to do..so i play on the internet for an hour.

see folks...really, what we have here..is the conclusion that being productive really DOESNT pay off like they want you to believe.

i mean....its pure horse poo if you ask me!

so much for getting my priorities in "check"...no more of that for me.

next time i get the crazy notion of "working" hard... someone slap some mutha'fuckin' sense into me. (thanks axl)


ps...right as i was about to click "done" on this bad boy...the boss-lady comes over to me and is going to have someone train me on how to do something i havent learned yet.

NAZIS! this day couldnt shit on me anymore than it already has.

crap. im sure i just jinxed myself.

ahhhh fuck.

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