01.23.03 . 10:16 a.m.
29: the suspicious trash replacement

oh goodness me its quite nippy outside! 19 degrees. for texas, thats mighty mighty cold, folks!

i dont really have the right kind of attire to accomodate me for such weather, really. so im forced to wear jeans that are olive colored, that sort of maybe resemble "business casual" only not really because theyre like cargo bell-bottomed-style, with black boots and a shirt and two jackets since i dont have many sweaters. thats right. TWO jackets. we're such fuckin' wusses here in this city when it comes to cold weather, too.

like, at the entry gate to my apartment, there is a sign that reads:


jeezuz. as if the pipes in all of the apartments arent equipt to deal with cold fucking weather!

you dont see people up North with signs like that at every damn stop sign!!


in other news: the people who empty out our trash cans at work every night, they always, ALWAYS put my trash can on the OPPOSITE side of where they originally take it from. THIS annoys me. its not a big deal, really. but its just...why dont they simply put it back where it came from? it doesnt seem hard. and really, why am i being the bitch whos complaining about the people who empty trash cans for a fuckin' living not putting it back where they got it?! its petty and doesnt matter ... but it still annoys me. because when i go to throw away the empty packets of sugar that i just dumped in my mug of coffee, the package falls to the floor because theres no TRASH CAN WHERE IT SHOULD BE!


in OTHER news: im surprisingly NOT grumpy this morning! wee doggy, imagine that!


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