01.28.03 . 9:56 a.m.
38: you already had a million hearts to break

days have passed & i've lost myself, forgotton the roads as quickly as i've tried & tried to forget your name. it takes rain & monday to realise you are alone & full, oh! but alone in it's fullest sense! the thinnest ghost this house has ever held tells me she was evicted & asks for her mail & i hand it over soggy & snail bitten.

. crying because i can't sleep & tired because i'm sad.

i loved you like sirens & fighting.


the only honest goodbyes have slamming doors.

& the only honest doors have locks


we say things like "it's safer this way" & we sigh, as if love is just one more wound to heal. i want safety, but not if it compromises passion. i want someone to fuck me like the world is ending


[music: i passed through before i knew you]


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