02.06.03 . 10:05 a.m.
57: WD 40 in my veins

its raining today. i think i'm catching a cold.


i woke up at 4:30 am and i couldnt fall back asleep until 5:30..thirty minutes before i had to wake up. i guess i couldnt sleep because the birds were already awake.


i had a dream that involved bathtubs at parties, sex, and running around drunk and sitting on curbsides.


i stole french vanilla creamer from 711 this morning so i could finally have some decent coffee from work. shhhh. they had no idea. those little mirrors they have are useless.


one of the two of my favorite employees at my favorite record store told me last night that his goal in life is about to be complete: his band is opening up for Ministry this weekend.

i told him he better get cracking on a new dream in life, then.


i cant stop listening to Otis Redding.


i checked my mail this morning to five emails: all of them were junk mail.


my writing has slipped into the background lately. since i decided not to touch this site when im at home, or especially on the weekends, it seems like i can only jot down my "left-brain" mumbo-jumbo.

it has made me realize i write best when ive just woken up, or right before i go to sleep at night.


today, my horiscope is good.


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