02.20.03 . 12:24 p.m.
84: seperate

theres a searchlight that i forgot to follow up with. last time he and i spoke, the deal was being made that he would tell me where the beams lead. then i forgot to return the phone call, and so im stuck wondering "what if"

in a country of make believe and misguided adventures, im still waiting for the phone to ring.

there must be better things to do than sitting around and reading stories about baltimore. yes, there must be. like crawling alongside you underneath the sheets ... just in the other room. making one million bedrooms come alive just below the surface of my skin. flies buzzzzz and hum but we pay no mind. we are two in a place of thousands.

im an addict of obsession. im the homeless in search of mattresses. yours. the fields of sunflowers, im every single one. with yellow tips and a cozy brown center. warm enough to slide your fingers across my middle. warm enough to glide right over. warm enough to sink inside of and be buried alive. an avalanche of flesh. with skinny legs and the honey in a valley, i will consume.you.whole.

there are miles between a blue chair and a bedroom door....im dragging my feet along. what if wake you? what if youre dreaming of better worlds? what if im one million countries divided?

what if my body is nothing but seperation?


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