02.20.03 . 2:53 p.m.
85: two stars for arms

i guess its not good to regret things - or miss things you shouldnt miss - but i do.

im reading thru the old entries from the old place - i wrote so many things over the course of 9 months - i seemed to write "better" with her - nothing comes to me these days - not with this new one - and how can it be that switching names - and switching urls would alter such a thing ? its a silly thought to have - i know.

but i cant shake it.

things dont inspire me like they used to - maybe that will change - who knows.

i bore myself to death with pillow-wept. what a shit name.

A. asked me to sift thru old writings, and pull out the good ones - so im doing that now - looking through the old entries - all 600+ of them.

i havent changed - so why has my writing?

fuck - i really do bore myself here.


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