02.22.03 . 12:20 p.m.
89: take me back to the good ol' days, Ma

..my bedroom is a disaster!

there are four GIANT piles of clothes on the floor. and when i say "GIANT"...i mean...G I A N T !

im finally! getting rid of clothes i will never wear again-i must say-it's hard.

i mean--how can i possibly get rid of the red and black plaid school girl skirts with the bondage straps on them that i wore when i wsa 16 with my spikes and black boots? how can i get rid of the green velvet pants (yes, i said greeeeen velvet)...how can i get rid of the pants with holes in them that i made out with a girl in at a Lush concert? (my first and LAST "girl on girl" encounter)

its hard--but im a trooper!

plain and simple.

their are now two bags of old clothes that = memories of who i used to be.

and its heartbreaking. it really really is.

im being disciplined in it all.

im trashing the punk rock, goth clothes that i wore nearly ten years ago--im trashing them ALL.

discipline! must have it! must fight the pack-rat syndrome im so well known for!

with that being said..i WILL say the following: THE BAND T-SHIRTS STAY!


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