03.07.03 . 7:52 a.m.
111: wake me up before you go-go

this morning, its sunny. its 50 degrees. its supposed to be somewhere in the 70's all weekend.

its my chance to make the most of it?

only-i have no plans.

mom wants me to come out to visit on sunday-which i wont argue. because i love driving out to see her. she lives about an hour south of here, and the drive allows me all that time to listen to music in the car - my favorite place to -

tonight-buying razors-because the dog ate mine?

no, seriously.

i had thai food last night for dinner -taste of basil - the dish that is like an orgasm in itself - i brought the leftovers in for lunch this afternoon.

this should be ok for the diet. right? right.

there are a group of guys on the other side of the wall from where i sit now, and theres about, four of them? they are all talking about computer games and video games and singing some kind of broadway song? i mean, if it wasnt for their obsession with staring at womens breasts here, id be certain they were gay.

on that note-i need coffee.


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