03.09.03 . 7:20 a.m.
115: easy like sunday morning

it. is. 7am.

i havent stayed out all night since i was 18 & hung out with a beautiful guy named Zach. i met zach when i worked at a skate shop, and he came in and i admired the tattoo on his calf, and he looked at the one on my back thru my white shirt, and before he left, he gave me his number. zach had gorgeous tattoos on his arm, back, legs, chest. (he is an excellent graffiti artist who jumps on freight trains with a backpack and some friends in the middle of the night and travels across the united states to paint.-thats inspirational.) two days after he gave me his number, i got off work at 1 am (inventory madness.) and he told me to come over, that his roomates were gone. i went over, and we laid on his living room floor and pretended to watch tv. and we talked all night, and at 7am, he walked me to my car and kissed my lips in a way ive only been kissed two other times. the next night, we met up and sat on a bench by the lake and tried to watch the sunrise. after we half-way saw it, we went and slept in his bed for the rest of the afternoon.

that was the last time i spent the whole night up and out.

so many years ago.

friday afternoon, i called an old friend i havent seen in a while. told her to find something cool, and to wear it with me on saturday night. i met up with her at her apartment, wearing what i said : a vintage pink lace skirt with killer flair, and a tight-fitted sex pistols shirt and great black shoes. she opens her door, wearing a great black and red striped skirt, and oddly enough, a clash shirt. she had a friend over- a guy ive only met one other time, named Jay. so we all pile into the car and first place we hit: the bar.

tried different shots. some nice. some disgusting. we played the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the jukebox and the bartender asked me to dance?

to one of their songs?

sure-why not?

so we both screamed the words to the song and he semi-tango'd with me. (i say semi, because i had no clue how to tango?)

we mingled with a bunch of people i havent seen in a long while.

we left there about midnight, and went to a club on the other side of town. once there, i ran into some old friends from a few years ago, and we all had a few rounds at the cavern bar.

we left and went to a place that plays, yes, scarily? tecnho cheesy house music.


but we danced anyways.

i danced with jessica and not with the lame guys who asked to cut in.

we sweat profusely-never nice.

we drank intensely- always nice.

we ran into Jess's sister and her husband. her sister is a party promoter and her husband is a pretty popular DJ around dallas. we went to their flat downtown, and there were a few people that came with them and with us, and once there, we smoked out a bit and had a few more drinks.

left there, and i wanted to snap some shots of some graffiti i had seen in dallas.

at around five this morning, we stopped at a denny's.

me? french toast with eggs.and nearly a pot of coffee.

we ate, and then sat in a park called Celestial Park. it has this huge sundial in the middle of the park area, and its secluded by trees.

there are steps up to the dial that have quotes by Thoreou and Plath and a bunch of other greats engraved on them.

we sat on the dial itself and laid in the grass and watched the sky begin to turn pink from the baby blue. we smoked a little more and just laughed about how this world is heading into the 3rd World War. we talked about conspiracy theorist who are saying crazy crazy things about N. Korea and at that time- we didnt really mind.

we talked about how the Beatles and Elvis, and the Stones are responsible for the decline of america today -sex, drugs and rock n roll.

we saluted them.

after that, i dropped the two off, and drove home listening to Aretha Franklin sing "96 Tears" about seven times in a row.

now-im about to collapse on my bed because im exhausted.

later this afternoon-im going to get some photos developed and then, more than likely, sleep a bit more.

folks, it's easy like sunday morning.


[music: cars hustling by outside my window]

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