03.13.03 . 1:19 p.m.
128: easy

for days now, i have a headache that wont escape. i go to sleep with it, i wake up with it, i work all day with it.

its constantly just there. screaming inside of my brain...its tiring..and its highly painful.

im getting to that point?

where i need a heavy dose of a serious vacation...

its spring break, right?

i wouldnt know - im so far removed from the world of the youth, that i have no idea what week is what anymore.

spring break used to mean long lazy afternoons and late hours all night and sleeping in and when you woke up, the birds were going mad, and lawn mowers were in motion and people were outside watering their lawns...

i miss that..instead - im typing in tiny spaces and watching the clock go by...driving thru hour after hour, minute after minute, and i just watch.

the daylight expands and im nowhere around.

i want to strip from my skin and wade around naked in a lake.


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