03.14.03 . 7:59 p.m.
133: 'First Word'

..so i mentioned this a few entries back: but im about to start working on a poetry manuscript. ive got to wait for my typewriter to arrive (hopefully this week) and them im going to get started.

it will all be handmade. i plan on getting really great and thick paper (not TOO thick) and i'll type the selected poems/etc. onto that, and i'm still working on how i want the cover and back cover to be. i cant decide if i want to use a photo for the front or not. im also toying with the idea of adding small photos within the pages ... i just need to get one completed and play around with it to see how it will all turn out. i'll bind it tightly and securely somehow, and that'll be that.

the thing is, if anyone is interested, please email me or leave me a note..because if i DO use a photo for the front, it will cost me a little bit to have the photos printed off & i want to be prepared as far as the number of photos i need to have printed off are.

i'll only charge either $5.00 or $7.00 dollars - which i think is a good and cheap price?

any & all feedback is greatly appreciated...


[ps: if you are interested and want to see the front photo im thinking about using, since i am not a gold member, if someone wants to host it for me for a short while, that would be greatly appreciated?? ... if not, i could just email it to you]


ive got the images hosted here:

the front:

the back:

(photos by yours truly)

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