03.14.03 . 7:46 a.m.
130: ode to midget-man

so theres this guy named Micah who works here in the office.

micah? is a near-midget assHOLE.

he always talks on the phone to his "girlfriend" and when he does? he talks loudly - so that everyone can hear that he obviously has a girlfriend. but hes such an ASS to her on the phone.

he says things like "i'm gonna call you in an hour, and you better goddamn answer the phone when i call"

and then an hour will pass, he'll call, and then you hear "is that how you answer the phone? im gonna hang up, and call you back, and you better answer the phone correctly"


hes talking with her now, speaking to her in a way, that if i was her, i swear to god, id hang up on his ass, drive up here, and kick the SHIT out of his midget self.

bastard! no guy like THAT deserves to even come into contact with other human beings.

i hate guys like "micah". micah, mr whiter-than-white, speaks like he is black.

i. hate. micah.

i hate the people i work with - and im getting to that point where i dont even feel like waiting for my vacation time to go into effect (june fucking 25th!)..i just want to ditch this whole fucking place.

this, folks, is what they call PMS.

good fucking morning.


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