03.16.03 . 10:20 a.m.
136: photos

i got a stupid online photo album...i hate the way it pulls up against a black screen, because there are borders on the photos which make them stand out - but the black screen its against ruins that....

anyways - if youre interested:


sorry they look so dark.


its sunday morning:ive been up for a few hours.

im going to order the prints for the manuscript this week - i think im going to charge US$8 for 'First Word'... i think thats a fair price?

im incredibly groggy @ the moment . sorry 'bout that.

at the bookstore last night - i met a real "author"..i always go to the poetry section & there was this dude who graduated from SMU, has been published, knew faaaar more than i will ever know about poets & that whole thing...and it was sort of interesting to meet someone like that, however, it can make you feel like a fool/idiot for not knowing to much.

but i think i played it off well?

i can talk a big game.

im going back to bed -


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