03.21.03 . 3:52 p.m.
150: untitled

..since i made a vow to try to tone up before the summer, ive lost 6 pounds.

i dont have much to lose, since im so fucking thin as it is, but i needed to tone up more than lose weight - it just seems to occurr with the process.

i have not had a soda in nearly two weeks (which for me? jesus christ thats good!) & i work out three times a day now - i can do about 50 crunches in a setting, and about 100 sit ups (which i sorta dont do a 100) but i CAN (if i wanted to?)

im really quite proud of myself...

this summer? uh-oh. watch out.

whatever - this is due to pure BOREDOM at work.

im just ready to get the HELL out of here, go buy a bottle of Shiraz & relax.


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