03.23.03 . 1:32 p.m.
157: i hope he stays awake for days

there is a cassette in the tape deck of my stereo on PLAY right now.

an old friend of mine, whom i have lost contact with over the last few months sent it to me about two years ago.

when he worked at the college radio station in Maryland, he used to ask me if i had any requests, or hed dedicate songs to me, and tape the show & then mail it to me.

im listening to the first of a few like that.

he & his friend mark ran the show the "Listeners Lounge" & this particular tape, he says "this next song is for someone very special...shes in the great state of texas....the big big state....a big place for such a small girl..." & then 'Carry the Zero' starts to play.

i miss him as my friend - & i miss his arrogance and pretentious behavior - even though before, it was the driving force that caused me to get annoyed with him.

oh well - people come & go - its part of that tie that always comes loose.


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