03.23.03 . 9:49 a.m.
156: sunday - im running short on creative titles

sunday morning - slept very little. mustve crawled into bed at 3am this morning, after falling asleep on the sofa with the tv on.

woke up every half our - Weird Science is on now - on USA. i adore this movie. only because it reminds me of being a kid.

& i especially love how they edit the profanity. you know? instead of saying "why dont you bend over & i'll shove this up your ass"...they replace "ass" with "nose"?

yeah...i know.

we ended up watching This is Spinal Tap last night & then about five episodes of My So Called Life.

much fun, heh? yeah..i know.

i bought two albums yesterday....

one accidentally, actually. i meant to pick up an Olivia Tremor Control album & instead grabbed The Sunshine Fix by mistake - which im fine with, because its not bad. Very Belle and Sebastian-esque but not as happy-go-lucky. & i grabbed a double disc Billie Holiday cd. cant wait to pop that in tonight & sit in the dark with a glass of Merlot & just relax and prepare for the rest of the week.


the pictures arrived in the mail yesterday....they look GREAT! im thinking of ordering a few more, just to mix it up. First Word is coming along nicely, & i'll keep everyone updated on the progress of things. it should take me a couple of weeks to finish them all, & to save time, I'm going to try & mail them off in one go, instead of mailing them off as they are finished. & plus, when theyre all done id like to take a photo of the outcome...

but once the first one is binded, & complete, i'll post a photo of it.


im going back to bed.


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