03.25.03 . 6:10 a.m.
163: with your eyes

in the hustle / bustle of an afternoon

i find myself lost in the sunlight bleeding

red & orange onto my skin.

i sit still & quiet and ignore traffic and

the buzzing of people.

i kick my shoes off and fight trying to get them

back on without using my hands.

i twirl the ends of my hair and notice the

strands of blonde still left over.

i shut my eyes and allow my other senses to take hold

of me.

i smell lawns being cut.

i smell children's sticky fingers

from one to many chocolate Fudge Bombs.

i smell hamburgers being grilled on someones back porch

in a nearyby neighborhood.

i feel tiny blossoms that have fallen astray from trees

blow across my legs

i feel the way the ends of my skirt flip upwards

towards my knees.

i feel the vibration of lawn mowers and buses.

i hear playgrounds being used & swingset chains

squeaking from rust build-up.

i hear swimming pool splashes and tiny feet pitter

pattering across hot cement.

i hear dogs barking at passing cars.

i taste the salt in the breeze that has traveled

up from the Gulf.

i taste the chlorine that once belonged to the tips

of my fingers from when i checked the temperature

of the pool.

i taste the strawberry suckers i ate when i was a little

girl and loved so much...the flavor buried in the creases

of my bottom lip.

there are never worries on days like these..

there are only memories and sensations and hums of birds

and children playing.

this is summer time.

this is what i like best about paying attention.


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