03.25.03 . 3:01 p.m.
167: 1.23.03


snow has disappeared.

i walk to the car, head down, arms in front,

keeping my jacket closed tight.

fumble through pockets. find the keys.

unlock the car door.


fasten the seat belt.

keys to ignition.

ignite engine.

defrost on.

wipers on low.

"the movie was good" i think.

"could have been better"


the snow is now water on streets.

water on rooftops.

water on parked cars. moving cars.

water in peoples hair.

water on their shoes.

the snow has disappeared.

moving up in mph, i drive to the music

oddly, the two are moving in perfect rhythm

and harmony.

head down,eyes up.

turn the heater to 'hi'

hands are cold

my hair blows upwards, i shift to 'lo'

lights blink

red glares on street signs match beats

"its a difficult dance" i imagine...

"this car and this song".

i wish you could see the film strip in my mind

its monumental

its classic

its perfect

there is a story being told

i am in this car by myself with no one to tell

turn the knob to green from red.

need to cool off a bit.

i am nearly home.

turn left on Preston. turn right on Whitestone.

turn left thru gate.

left again.


keys forward.

engine off.

music stopped.

seatbelt off.

door opened.

door shut.

it is about to end (the season & us)


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