03.26.03 . 8:26 p.m.
175: for shizzle my nizzle (???)

nicole: you are the SHIT.

the record store nicole & i alwaaays go to - theres a really cute boy who works there who always flirts with her. i encouraged her to finally ask him out. for a week now, we've stopped by there, but hes never working. tonight, he was finally there....

...telling her she smelled nice, gave her FIVE punches on her card when she only bought ONE cd, and he opened his register just to ring her up.

nicole STILL walked out without giving him her number...

when we were in my car, she said "fuck it! im gonna just do it!" she wrote her number down on a piece of paper - and she went in.

i just watched from the car.

she went in, said "ive been meaning to do this for a while now..." and he said "oh! thank you!! wait- whats your name?...mine's johnny!"

and then we giggled and screamed like 13 year old girls.


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