03.27.03 . 6:02 p.m.
179: In California

in california, i dream of snow, and all the places we used to go, with the night falling down, with the night falling down.

now, im living in Korea town, waking to the sound of car alarms.

i remember your face when i showed you the ticket. said you were happy for me, your heart wasnt in it.

just a phone call away, now theres nothing to say. as the days roll by, disconnected, in the land where the suns always shining, im crying alone. palm trees laugh at me.

another fool playing songs that dont matter, to people who shatter endlessly.

another suicide on the 405. the black dahlia, she smiles and smiles. its the same old town that bled her dry, one more star, one more time, bound to make it do or die.

take a walk, try to wash these dreams away...they tell me LA's beautiful when it rains.

-Neko Case 'In California'

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