04.01.03 . 7:54 a.m.
194: six flags vs. carnies

why does today feel like a Thursday?

it IS tuesday, right?

hmm, yeah, i thought so.


for some reason? i find myself wanting to go to Six Flags. (i know...i know...) its the goddamn spring. it makes me want to do things like that. but what the hell is WRONG with waiting in line for an hour to ride a giant rollercoaster, and sitting on dirty benches getting dirt on the ass of my jeans, and eating funnel cakes, and drinking giant cups full of lemonade, and wanting to ride the Mini Mine Train instead of the big "adult" one because the "kid" one has cooler things on it.

whats so WRONG with it?!

oh, maybe its the fact that you have to pay 45 dollars for all of the above?

hmm..yeah. i guess i'll just find a carnival instead. fighting off crazy carnies who are screaming at you to shoot at THEIR balloons with darts instead of the guy down the way in booth 6...thats really the only downfall.

well, that and the somewhat iffy rides they have....


this is looking more grim by the minute.


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