04.02.03 . 12:38 p.m.
198: this is me, only G rated

today, is out of the norm for me. im wearing this smokey grey colour eye shadow, and i feel almost "sexy"?

i guess anything different from the usual shimmery nude colour i wear would make me feel that way, though?



today? for lunch? yet again -- Chipotle.

i cant help it.



pete yorn is coming to dallas (again) and im FINALLY going to see him this time around. since his album came out, hes been here three times, and every time ive brushed it off.

i WILL see him this time, goddamnit!


i have a monkey with a human face taped to my monitor.

dont ask.

you wouldnt believe me anyways.


im going to go back to school next Spring..if not the Fall.


i have to get out of this office environment before my head explodes and bursts into millions of pieces only to be cleaned up by the midnight cleaning crew here at work.

they would just clean it up and move to the next cube.



i think my good friend Wes is gonna hook me up with a hank williams shirt, or at least i'm going to ask for the link again where he purchased it.

because...well, that would just rock my damn socks plum off if i had a hank williams shirt!



ive worked very very little this morning/afternoon.

i have no objection to this, yet im sure my boss would have a slightly different opinion on this matter.

i dont care one way or the other.


the wilco dvd "im trying to break your heart" came out yesterday.

did you know? im in love with Wilco.



ive run plum out of things to even talk about anymore.

who the hell cares about this kind of jibberish?!

i sure as hell dont.



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