04.04.03 . 6:07 a.m.
203: this morning, the sky cried thousands of tears

twenty two minutes ago, i rolled over in bed and glanced at the clock. it read "6:38" (i set it an hour ahead)..and i knew i had twenty minutes to sleep.

only, when i adjusted my body, and closed my eyes, i heard a loud roar...sounded like someone was beating on the front door.

i opened my eyes. for some reason, i guess i thought i could focus more on listening this way.

it stopped.

i closed my eyes.

it happened again.

i couldnt make it out, for some reason.

so i reached up, turned the alarm off, got out of bed.

walked out of the bedroom, and heard the roar again - this time, it was definitely thunder.

its pouring outside.

i absolutely envy the sky when it rains this way.

when its purple and black outside. when the streets oil themselves up.

when trees drip.

i wish i didnt have to move an inch all afternoon....


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