04.07.03 . 9:10 a.m.
209: Update

I need to know for SURE how many people here are interested in The First Word.

Im about to start the bulk of them tonight, and I dont really feel like making THAT many more than I need to make.

if youre interested, but cant pay the $8 dollars for whatever reason, thats cool. if you think you for sure want to get one, and can pay me later, just let me know. im a nice and reasonable girl (some times)

it's about 50 pages long, and is turning out beautifully.

if you are for sure going to get one, just email me privately at twostarsforarms@hotmail.com with your name, address, and method of payment.

if you want to do paypal, i'll send you the info for that, as well.

i'll put up some photos this week of one, so you can see how it looks.


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