04.11.03 . 1:15 p.m.
219: the Hardcore

its so great that my dad was a coke-head rocker with tattoos and a bad habit for drinking and being rebellious, and that my mother is a sane, sophisticated woman with class and grace..however, she parties harder than *I* do, and can drink any man under the table, and has a love for old, classic rock...


because - i have a mixture of the two in me.

im sophisticated (uh) and im graceful (uh, despite that bad habit i have of tripping at the wrong times every time) and im calm, yet insane just enough to be interesting, and no one considers commiting me. only i dont do drugs, and i cant drink ANYONE, let alone a MAN under ANY table. me? im just the one puking under the table.

this all comes from my lunch hour this afternoon.

mom calls me up, cause shes off to california monday for a week, (which is where im from), and she says "hey..lets do lunch today.."

"i have one dollar and fifty cents...you buyin'?"


ok..so we go.

on our way back to my work, i say..."hey! have any ac/dc in here?"

she gives me a funny look, pulls a booklet of cds out from under her seat, and opens the zipper..dozens of cds..half of which are ALL ac/dc (shes SO hardcore.) and we proceed to listen to Back In Black and Shook Me All Night Long, and she sings every word to both songs. (shes also seen them three times..)


that was good.

AND refreshing.

im glad i have the rebellious, rocker, music lover, hippiness about me that my father had, and the quiet, calm, shy characterisitics of my mother..

its a good balance i think...


....the best damn women that i ever seen....

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