04.12.03 . 9:37 a.m.
222: Reporting on Forgetting

Ten in the evening report:

just wake up (!)

jazz cafe with coffee and candy (!)

technicolor video people hutting in their uneducated skin, over here, over there (!)

carry my rockmods (!)

they say e v o l (!)

they say your name

and my name.

ok: do this for me:

say your name outloud.

say my name.

I wish i knew where you are

what you do

how you feel.

i've become a girl again,

I want to give you something wonderful i found,

and that is my voice.

i'll tell you more about it another day.


I want to share the world (the bed) with you.

I want to share the bed (the world) with you.


Sleep would mean nothing if our dreams didnt make out,

long and acrobatic in our new found sane weirdness only lovers reveal.

only you make me write spontaneously about it all..


i want to see the libraries heaviness knowing youre just some rows away,

i dont need to be a pink sticker on your fridge,

no, i just need to know youre there...

in true love.


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