04.12.03 . 11:59 a.m.
223: feeling emotional

red grapes in a bowl.

kitchen smells like wax.

dust creeping alongside the edges of the walls and ceilings.

need a broom to reach the cracks and corners.

windows open .. lets air this stuffy place out.

dog laying at my feet, head resting on my right ankle.

cant smell the candles that are burning.

its noon.

need to write today.

will write today.

fingertips remain sore from the typing thats been going on this weekend.

red wine made me float a little to high last night to work as hard as i had wanted.

nothing to do today except try to focus energy into one project, and one project only.

dont even care about lunch.

or dinner.

or naps.

or showers.

just want to relax and enjoy the sun through mini blinds.

dont want to leave through the door.



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