04.16.03 . 7:50 a.m.
242: thrown about

i realize my ability to be rather abstract in the goings-on in my life...& i was thinking about it last night...how i reveal very few FACTS about myself...how i tend to sort of skirt around the truth of the matter, and instead, am poetic or 'avoidant' about things...but the truth is?

i like it that way.

i never want to fully reveal what i truly truly am all about.

& it isnt because im unhappy with myself, because im not.

i am bursting with confidence in most aspects of my life (save my 'profession')...

so i decided to do one of those things where it lists 100 facts about yourself ... only i dont know where to find one of those?

if someone would, please point me in the right direction.

(its probably more laziness than actual inability to find one, really...shh)


this weekend, nicole & i are going to austin for a show. we're going to stay the night in some crap motel on saturday night, and hopefully find some cool bars around Guadalupe St. Austin is quite the college scene, but if you ignore & avoid the frat kids, its a great little city.

my friend Arkansas Mike is coming down on Friday aftternoon, and leaving on saturday morning (i think?)..im trying to get him and Nicole to make out.

no two of my friends have ever made out -- so ive got my game face on & im ready!

(so what. im easily amused. and NO, i dont want to SEE it, i just want to HEAR about it. i told him he could just lie to me if it didnt happen, though..& really, im OK with that.)


i need coffee..

but after monday & my near-death-im-SUCH-a-hypochondriac panic attack afterwards, i think i'll stay clear of coffee for a while.


none of the things ive written lately have had any effect on me what-so-ever.

just crap poured into this box, and im just writing to waste the time, mostly.


someone engage in conversation with me. email me if youre bored. because god knows *I* am.


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