04.17.03 . 8:08 a.m.
249: Sugar J

..today is what i like to call "dress-up-day" at work. some big shots are coming into the office today, so everyone is required to look their "best"?

well, in my department, there is one guy, out of 9 women. his name is J. J is hispanic, and drives a caddy, and likes to think he is quite the ladies man. hes..needless to say, ghetto. but in a very funny kind of way. he KNOWS he is ridiculous, and hes adoreable about it.

well, along with his "pimp-ness", he likes to wear VERY flashy gear. blue shoes, purple shoes, ORANGE shoes- and theyre all made of alligator skin and have little gold buckles. well...today, five minutes before J got in, i was sitting on nicole's desk just talking shit with her, and i said "i wonder if J is going to wear a suit today.."

soon after, he walks in, and i hear one of the sales people say "SUGAR J!!!"

and so we stand up to see over our cube walls...and see J..in a blue suit with thick white stripes on it. jacket and pants. BRIGHT blue. GIANT stripes.

white shirt, blue and red and orange tie. blue alligator skin shoes. gold buckle.

god.damn. the ONE day i dont have my camera with me.....

you guys have NO idea what youre missing.

J's response to it all: "i borrowed this suit from Michael Jordan"...

J...Michael retired that suit when he retired his game...(the FIRST time..)


[music: jeff beck "truth" (only because im obsessed with Ron Wood's wicked bass playing skills....)]

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