04.17.03 . 6:59 p.m.
252: Men & their hunt for meat


i never did mention this, but two weeks ago, while i was at the usual table at the usual bar...a set of three bikers were sitting nearby, dressed in leather chaps and wearing sunglasses, and were of the "senior-citizen" age. one of them tossed his hat over to me, and being the fool that i am, i got up and sort of tossed it back, and one of them, grabbed my arm, and pulled out a leather whip from underneath his denim vest that was covered in patches. his friend said "id like to take pictures of you with your ass in the air!". appauled, i tried to get loose from the other's grip, and he took his other hand and tried to lift up my shirt to see my stomach, and i was wearing a shirt that said "KISS ME, I DONT SMOKE", and he was touching the part on my chest that read those words, i tried and tried to get loose, and finally did.

as i sat, disgusted, at the table..they kept yelling at me, and walking by. it was awful!

so we grabbed our things & blew that place off!

i dont understand the little regard men have for women. i just DONT!

sure, women like to be noticed, and to be thought of as "attractive", but i personally dont want to be treated to, nor talked to in a way where i feel like a piece of raw meat on the market for the first customer!


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