04.30.03 . 8:44 p.m.
290: W A N T E D W O U N D

Today………….i want my nerves to remain raw.

I want to f e e l .

I want the muscles that stretch, to spread out across my insides and flex. I want to feel the love bloom!

I want to feel the sting!

I want to feel the tender reflexes of my heart.

I want to give “this” a name instead of calling it “wow!”

I want to find a home for this longing and desire.

I want to find my hands roaming across the spaces of my body in the middle of the night when I see your face as I close my eyes. If I name each one of my fingers after you, maybe my skin will recognize your touch.

I will speak your name in my sleep as I toss and turn beneath the covers.

I will wake the neighbors with little moans.



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