05.09.03 . 8:00 a.m.
316: Sonic Youth ..... etc

this morning i was reminded of an afternoon when i was 13. my mom & i lived with my grandmother at that time. my mother & her were outside doing something to the lawn ... who knows what ... and i was in my bedroom with my headphones on, listening at full blast to Death Valley 69 by Sonic Youth.

i listened to this song this morning ... and it reminded me of the video.

has anyone seen that video?

its pretty fucked up, actually.

and that song gives me chills whenever Kim's voice chimes in .."you will riiiiise".

my old roomate Amber was a huuuuuge SY fan, but only because my friend Eric (her soon-to-be-boyfriend) got her into them...and then for the entire 6 months we lived together, thats ALL we listened to.

we would get high and she'd put on some crazy whacked out SY experimental bullshit ... not the 'good' SY...but those instrumental albums they made? those spaced out noisy albums?

those are definately not good things to hear while youre smoking out with a bunch of strangers in your living room apartment while some people sit on inflatable chairs (they were hers..and we had no furniture).

when i listen to Sonic Youth now, i cant really hear the "goodness" of the music, because, well, lets face it, they cant play their instruments worth a damn, but it just makes me think of being 13 and then being in my first apartment with my first roomate.

so if anything, i still enjoy Sonic Youth for its nostaligic effects on me.


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