05.11.03 . 2:25 p.m.
325: Love is a hot, white light

to much beer last night. waking at 6am to a clock singing to loud for my ears. made my way into the bathroom, took a piss......went back to bed.


my head found its way to the toilet bowl twice today.

guts hurt. feels like their pushing out.

head isnt throbbing as much this afternoon.

driving this morning, shaking hands, trembling eyes trying to remain focused on I635.

two hours later, i was OK and could just sit back and listen to music and drive with a clear mind.

its beautiful in Dallas today.

the sky is flawless. not grey like yesterday.

sunshine. 70's. perfect.

a good day to take your clothes off, open the windows to feel the breeze, and take a nap with jazz playing quietly in the other room, barely loud enough to travel to your ears at a perfect pitch.


i want to make love.


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