05.13.03 . 5:22 p.m.
333: so nevermind the poetry

i am never composed.

im a flustered mess of a person!

i fidget.

i am random in conversations.

i always bite my bottom lip when im nervous.

i look down a lot, and always avert my eyes.

i have a terrible habit of finding it hard to look certain people in the eye. there are just some people who have this demeanor about them ... makes it hard to look them face-to-face.

i seem shy, when im necessarily not.

its my body language. its either graceful and slow, or its quick and hurried because i turn to mush around some people and find it hard to contain my composure.

i think it reflects poorly on me...and its always when first impressions are the most important thing.

funny how that works.


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