06.13.03 . 1:34 p.m.
407: The Wilco-Mobile

im off work in 15 minutes, baby! feels goooood, too.




the car-naming dillemma has been solved (no thanks to YOU bunch of slackers!). there are two brothers that work here, Eric & Jesse, and they are both car-boys. you know the type?

the type that park their cars sideways, taking up two spots, in the rear end of the parking lot?

that type.

but theyre nice guys, despite their pornographic love for metal machines.

they call me Wilco for some reason.

like, thats their name for me, because i sport that sticker proudly, damnit!

and eric has a VW GTI, and is always telling me about ways i can improve my car...like paying a billion dollars to add different front end lights & blahblahblah ...

and they call my car the Wilco-Mobile.

and you know?

it just sort of fits.




ladies & gentlemen!

today is the official birth of my new car, Wilco-Mobile!

its like the muthafuckin' Batmobile & shit!


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