06.16.03 . 8:27 a.m.
414: my mind is filled with radio cure

...it's always so hard to get back in to the groove of monday mornings.

(i dont like this)

people all around talking about their weekends, people asking me how mine was (an annoying question after the 6th time)

i just would prefer to be left alone on monday mornings. im not a grouch, quite the opposite, but its quiet-time for me from 8-11 or so.

after that, im a ball of cheer, or whatever.

headphones on. loudly, at that. (so i can effectively drown out people's voices, especially insane hooters-girl)


on the drive to work this morning, i listened to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and im still in awe of the brilliance that is Jeff Tweedy/Wilco.

i am also in love with Jeff Tweedy.

his voice is perfection .. in its rough nature.

it has since made me change the name of my car from Wilco-Mobile (though it will still be dubbed as that from time to time) to Tweedy.

dont ask.

dont say a word.


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