06.27.03 . 10:04 a.m.
451: Mrs Jonas

would you call it a good start to a day, where youve had to be on the phone two different times, for 20 minutes a piece, to the same 70yr old woman, whos husband passed away a few months ago, and who has cried about three times on the phone?


its not.

and this has been my day.

this is also how it ended yesterday evening.

see, i work at a phone company. we get these things called "escalations". what those are, are pissed off people who have converted to our company whos phones arent working, or maybe a feature isnt working, like fucking caller ID. this woman, Mrs Jonas, has a working telephone, and is concerned because her telephone number change isnt working so she can have a metro number...and i wont go into the eight billion tiny details that would be hard to understand anyways, but its a big issue, and ive been working on it since 8oclock this morning.

it is now 10 and this is my first break from the situation.

my supervisor finally came over to my desk as i was calmly, but aggressively trying to take control of the phone call to get the woman to stop yelling and crying and repeating the same thing about her cold toast.

my supervisor then got stuck on the phone at my desk for a good 15 minutes.

we're doing everything we can, or shall i say, IM doing everything i can to help her out, because i may deal with bitch customers, but i dont ever deal with 70yr old women whove lost their husbands and arent all there entirely, and i dont want to remotely be rude to anyone of the sort.

its stressful and hard and i cant handle such phone calls!


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