07.03.03 . 8:13 a.m.
469: lovely odors... im on my way!

today could be my last day at this big, fancy, nice desk. the desk with the high walls. FOUR walls, well, 3.5 walls. privacy will be gone.

our department is shifting & moving to the other side of the building.

the side where customer care (!) used to sit. the smelly side of the building. the side where the teenage customer care workers who didnt use deoderant or wash their hair used to sit.

the side where the walls dont seem to be the quite the same color as the rest of the building. probably from funk-ass build up. the side where it smells like B.O & feet.

the side where the desk walls come up to my waist. the side where everyone can blatantly SEE me slacking off.

the side that should indeed be burnt down.


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