08.25.04 . 9:11 a.m.
just another manic, uh, wednesday

i should really think about changing this diary name to "bitch-fest".


there are men outside of the office, mowing stuff, cutting stuff, trimming stuff, and i cant hear a goddamn thing. dont worry, though. i CAN hear when the phone rings, it just forces me to speak loud, and it feels like its entirely too much work all together, and so it is stressing me out. its pointless to stress about it. but i do.


one of these men, its not a riding lawn mower, its the kind, where i dont fucking know, you can stand on the back of it, and just sort of drive this massive mower, and you look like youre on a curvy escalater, that you know, has like a mower thing in it. anyway, my point is that this guy in a funny hat keeps going back and forth outside of the windows here, and i just see him fly by, standing on the back of this thing, and its the funniest thing. i should have paid more attention in elementary when they taught you how to use descriptive words, because i might just be the worst person at describing, you know, stuff.


today, a man in a car with a PANTERA sticker on it, flirted with me. he did the "drive-flirt". you know the type. they drive by you, or just sort of are beside you, because this morning, cars werent moving, we were all sitting still, and i looked over, because i always like to look at the people driving around me, and he looked over at the same time, and thought i was checking HIM out, so he did this retarded smile, and wink thing, and then for the next 15 minutes or so, he would pull beside me, and smile, or wave. i wouldnt look after a while, thinking he would get the hint, but that didnt seem to work, and i think it only made him wave that much harder. possibly so. i mean, he DID have a PANTERA sticker. so im assuming he wasnt the brightest bulb on the block, if you know what i mean.

i hate drive by flirters.


people here at work, always bring in their dogs. i guess the girl who had this position before me, brought in a snake once, which didnt go over too well. anyhoo, this woman here brings her bouncy little dog Rio into work almost every day. hes about 7 months old, i think. i forget what kind of dog he is, but hes tall, and lean, and probably weighs about 75 pounds. hes a good looking dog. anyway, he is seriously the bounciest thing i have ever ever ever seen. when he runs, he bounces, when he walks, he bounces. its almost as if his body was weightless, and he just had big floppy paws. its fucking adoreable! just now, as she was going to take him outside, he was all riled up, and he jumped into the air. not just a normal hop like dogs do, but this dog got some mad air! all four feet were off of the ground, and he must have gotten at least a good two feet. he rocks. im stealing him. i want a bouncy dog!


this orange juice is fucking good!

wow, look how much you care.


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