09.20.04 . 10:29 a.m.
music is my savior (i was tamed by rock n roll)

ok. wilco was amazing. i am so tired of typing out my experience, that i will just say this:

-jeff tweedy is the coolest motherfucker around. and he kept looking at me. i dont know if he recognized me, or if it was because i was singing every word, to every song, and bopping like the loser that i am (the loser in front of jeff tweedy, tho!)

-they played 24 songs. ended with 'a future age' and they even played 'sunken treasure' which nearly made me lose my mind, it was so beautiful.

-jeff tweedy is letting his hair grow out again. sort of similar to the days of old (uncle tupelo).

-he wore green jeans.

-glenn kotche is the most bad ass drummer. seriously. that guy is a fucking drumming machine.

-calexico was brilliant. their music should be in tarantino films, or david lynch films.

-i love wilco.

-i love jeff tweedy.


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