01-16-03 . 4:05 p.m.
7: self-control cost me 122 bucks!

before lunch this afternoon, i was waiting in line at the customer service counter at the grocery store, and the old man in front of me was cashing in his lotto ticket..to claim his five dollars that he thought he won. the man behind the counter said with a curious tone in his voice "you sure you won five dollars?" the old man said "yes?"

"because according to this machine, which is never wrong, you won 122 dollars"

he ended up getting 20 more quick picks and 102 dollars back.

being the poor, broke sap that i am, i wanted to just push the man down screaming "MOVE IT OLD MAN!" and steal all his 102 dollars and hell, maybe even his 20 quick picks, but since i do have that thing called a "heart" and such a big one at that when it comes to elderly folks, i did not, in fact, push the man down and steal all his money. instead, i said something to the effect of "wow....thats a lot better than that five dollars you were expecting, heh?"

it was truly a moment of pride and grace. (mmHmm)


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