01.31.03 . 9:57 a.m.
47: the world on my way to work

we always forget what kind of world we live in. despite the annoying politics and "Wars" and protests that wont work anymore, and poverty, and power-hungry-rich-assholes, and children with gats, and pricks behind counters, and women with botox and fat pumped into their lips, and men with penis pumps, and perverts watching little kids, and fat old men watching porn, and nazi-bosses, and sagging tits for normal women, and assholes at the supermarket, and and and....we live in a world that has an insane amount of glory.

each day, when i drive to work, and when im on my way home, and anytime im outside in general, i notice every little thing that i possibly can. not because i go out of my way to. just the opposite, actually.

needless to say, it causes me to have near-accidents every single day, but thats beside the point.

the way that trees are so naked this time of year..its not a sad or an ugly part of nature. in fact, ive become quite obsessed with trees lately. odd, sure. when the backdrop is just the sky, and rooftops of houses and buildings, its gorgeous. the way the trees have hundreds of tiny hands and thousands of tiny fingers reaching upwards. i cant decide if i like trees better when theyre fully covered in green or red, or if theyre completely stripped down to bark.

the EXXON gas station at legacy and coit..theres always a white car parked out front with tons of bumper stickers on the back, and when its not there, i almost get a bit sad. i wonder if that person works the morning to afternoon shift, or the all night shift into the morning. i wonder if its a mans car or a womans car.

the construction sign thats been lying sideways against a brick wall thats been there for months when there is no sign of construction, and hasnt been for a while now. i wonder when that will finally be removed.

the red Jetta thats always in front of me at stop lights. i wonder where theyre headed.

the long line at mcdonalds every single morning...the cars are always wrapped half-way around the place.

the school zone from Ohio to Coit..people always drive 30 instead of 20.

the stop light at Custer and Legacy. i always catch it.

the church lights always go off at around 7:35 am.

things as routine as this, where i can give you time frames of everything i see...they arent as monotonous as i would think sometimes.

its small things like this that i count on to start my days off.

whether im in a good mood or a shit mood...i WANT to see that red jetta, and the church lights, and i want to see white cars with stickers, and i want to see long lines, and stop signs.

i feel sorry for the people who just drive to work with their eyes on the car in front of them.

i really, really do.


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