03.05.03 . 7:58 a.m.
105: in a short while, none of this will be important.

...no hair-holding was necessary last night. in fact, for the first time in quite a while, i had peace of mind. i stood on the patio and watched the cars jet by, watched their tale lights change to bolder colors of red.

the weather reminded me of what i remember of California at nighttime.

im noticing myself grow more and more attatched to the idea of rememberance lately...im connecting situations and physical things to emotional and memorable things.

every day, i notice more and more of You in the things around me. the way the trees bend North...the way the air is beginning to smell of Spring...the way the sun sets...the way the cars park...the way windows open and shut...every little thing that means absolutely nothing to everyone else means the world to me because it brings me You.


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