03.24.03 . 10:02 a.m.
159: xxx

...i drove through whirlwinds of white blossoms this morning.

i listened to Hallelujah (thanks to Jason) & just enjoyed the breeze and the colour and shape of the morning.

my body is a wreck today - for about four days, ive had a total of maybe 12 hours of sleep all together. late nights, early mornings - you name it.

tossing & turning - ive got it.

it was 67 degrees on my way into work - it will only warm up over the course of the afternoon - i cant wait to leave at 5pm and watch the sun set the sky on fire as it starts to set and the heat lets up a little.

i cant wait to see the moon catch light and send messages to stars.

today? despite exhaustian -- im in a beautiful mood.


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