03.28.03 . 6:10 a.m.
181: midnight bedtime and i feel alright

..slept a little bit better last night. tonight, im going to a poetry reading downtown. yeah, im so fuckin' deep.

at my work, they play these, hmm, games? and i guess if your "team" wins, you get prizes or whatever. i guess its supposed to make the office work environmen "fun". well, my "team" won. i had no idea that there was even really a game being played. i guess that shows you just how much of a team player i really am. but for winning, we get to have casual day and theyre buying us pizza? so basically, theyre buying us the same food they buy us when they ask us to work overtime and work thru our lunches, and we get to have casual day THIS friday, instead of NEXT friday.

others are amused by it. me? give me a fuckin' break.

but oh well.

at least today i dont have to iron my clothes.


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